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April, 2024

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The RFP is not over until it is over. Issuance of a Notice of Award is not the end. There are several post evaluation steps to be completed. Review how the post evaluation activities can be easier if they are considered in the beginning. Finally wrap up the full learning lab series with samples of some unconventional RFP types: seldom used variations/elements to customize your RFP documents and evaluation methodology. Think of them as highly specialized tools for very specific situations.
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This session will begin with an introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). ERM was introduced after the failure of large corporations such as ENRON and WorldCom. Traditional risk management is concerned with an organization’s pure risk, primarily hazards. ERM was developed to manage all of an organization’s risks, including operational, financial, and strategic. Procurement, either public or private, plays a major role in managing these risks.

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